How The Posts Get Made

In the somewhat vain hope that anyone wonders about how this blog gets written, I thought I’d write about it. In the present state of things I write the actual content out on paper, yes paper. The paper is an A4 pad on top of my Wacom Bambo Slate. The Slate syncs the writing over Bluetooth to my phone where it is exported as text via the Wacom Inkspace app (or website) then into the Pages word processing app or even directly into WordPress. From there I do a bit of editing, add pictures or what have you and call it a post! The process is a bit convoluted but it allows for me to do my writing while traveling for work, as I am now, or in the lab where I might not want to set up a laptop. I find it particularly appealing that I do end up with a paper copy of whatever notes I may take as well as an automatically synced copy in the cloud. I’m sure its not a process that would work for everyone, but it works for me.


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