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Below may be found those manuals, catalogues, price lists, and other bits of documentation from my collection which I have had the time to curate. All files provided here are out of copyright and are made freely available for the benefit of everyone. I hope that the increased availability of these documents will help others to get the most out of their Bausch & Lomb optical equipment. Please note all links open in a new window.

Thumbnail Link
 abbe-3l-refractometer-thumbnail  Refractometer Download
 balopticons-and-accessories-thumbnail  Balopticons Download
 balphot-metallograph-reference-manual-thumbnail Balphot Download
 balplan-microscope-instruction-manual-thumbnail Balplan Download
 b-micro-projector-directions-for-use-thumbnail  B Microprojector Download
 dynazoom-laboratory-microscopes-reference-manual-thumbnail  Dynazoom Download
 dynoptic-laboratory-microscopes-thumbnail  Dynoptic Download
 integrated-camera-system-ii-thumbnail  System II Download
 laboratory-microscopes-thumbnail  Laboratory Download
 medical-microscopes-thumbnail  Medical Download
 microscope-accessories-thumbnail  Accessories Download
 microscope-illuminators-thumbnail  Illuminators Download
 opti-lume-reference-manual-thumbnail Opti-Lume Download
 photomicrographic-equipment-accessories-thumbnail Photomicrographic Download
 spherical-illuminator-directions-for-use-thumbnail  Spherical Download
 stereoscopic-wide-field-microscopes-thumbnail  Stereoscopic Download
 standard-teaching-microscope-instructions-thumbnail  Standard Teaching Download
 type-fl-directions-for-use-thumbnail  Type FL Directions Download
 type-fl-reference-manual-thumbnail Type FL Reference Download

The files were prepared with an Epson GT-9800 flat-bed scanner using the default configuration of the Simple Scan front end for SANE. After scanning, the multi-page pdf files were optimized for use on tablets and ebook readers using Ghostscript, primarily to reduce file size.

If you have a printed primary source that you would like to make available here please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the contact link at the top of this page. Any document that is provided will be made freely available and will never be sold except in special cases where high resolution raw files are desired by museums or educational institutions, in such instances a nominal fee may be imposed to discourage fraud.