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Each cover shown below is a direct link to a locally hosted PDF created from an original manually performed scan . In most cases I have created these files from documents I have purchased or received as a gift from the amazing community of microscope enthusiasts. Additional manuals have been sent as PDFs from generous individuals who have taken the time to scan their own collections.

I want these to be available for anyone who needs them.

type-fl-reference-manual-thumbnail type-fl-directions-for-use-thumbnail standard-teaching-microscope-instructions-thumbnail stereoscopic-wide-field-microscopes-thumbnail spherical-illuminator-directions-for-use-thumbnail photomicrographic-equipment-accessories-thumbnail microscope-illuminators-thumbnail microscope-accessories-thumbnail medical-microscopes-thumbnail laboratory-microscopes-thumbnail integrated-camera-system-ii-thumbnail dynoptic-laboratory-microscopes-thumbnail dynazoom-laboratory-microscopes-reference-manual-thumbnail b-micro-projector-directions-for-use-thumbnail balplan-microscope-instruction-manual-thumbnail balphot-metallograph-reference-manual-thumbnail balopticons-and-accessories-thumbnail abbe-3l-refractometer-thumbnail opti-lume-reference-manual-thumbnail A New Shop Microscope-thumb Electroplaters Microscope-thumb Instructions Nicholas Illuminator-thumb Instruments in Glass Control-thumb The New Fitz Micro-Manipulator-thumb To Explore the Unknown DDE press release-thumb Type H Laboratory Microscopes-thumb Ultra Violet Photomicrography-thumb Opacity of Paper-thumb The New Comparison Eyepiece-thumb Constant Temperature-thumb Scopometry-thumb Binocular Microscopes Greenough Type-thumb The Theory of the Microscope grey DynaZoom-thumb Catalog of Lenses Prisms and Reflectors-thumb Modern Visual Training with Ortho-Fusor-thumb Ortho-Fusor Reference Manual-thumb
Poser Slit Lamp-thumb Photomicrographic Equipment and Accessories 24pp-thumb StereoZoom Microscopes Reference Manual-thumb Abbe Refractometer-thumb Reflex Attachment with Polaroid Land Camera Back-thumb Chemical Microscope Reference Manual-thumb Type K Photomicrographic Camera Reference Manual-thumb Students Manual The Compound Microscope thumb R1900 Facts Science Microscopes Manual Fun with the Science Microscope R1900 Amateur Photomicrography B&L Bench Metallograph manual thumb B&L_ refractometer_charts_c1926 AX-1 Automatic Exposure Controller Microscope Products Dealer Parts Price List Balplan Microscope Distributor Policy and Price List Balplan Microscope Price List

If you have a printed primary source that you would like to make available here please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the contact link at the top of this page. Any document that is provided will be made freely available and will never be monetized by me. Understand, I do not search out digital files to appropriate as I am aware many others may not feel as I do concerning the freedom of their use. I will ask that if you do submit materials for addition, to only submit materials you’re willing for me to make freely available in perpetuity. All materials available on this page are free to use in any way you’d like. They are out of copyright and it costs me only what I’m happy to pay to provide them for everyone. As a result, I don’t feel entitled to place any prohibition on what you may do with them.

Again you don’t even need to ask me if you’d like to use these files! Maybe you’d like to put something together with searchable text for the titles instead of cover-art? I bet that’d be very useful.