Significant B&L Library Update

As the result of a thoughtful donation by an excellent person who I won’t embarrass by naming outright, the B&L library will shortly be doubling in size. I’ll be doing my best to get as many of the new materials as I am able to scanned and uploaded in the coming days. Some of the materials have already been added, eight new documents as of last evening. With so many more documents available, and so many more to come, I’ve put a little (regrettably very little) effort into making the library page a bit more attractive. Gone are the clunky columns of cover and download link! Now each document is merely a cover, that cover linking of course to the corresponding document. While at some point I may look into putting them into some sort of order, I have no planes to attempt that now.

By far the primary use of these documents, at least for myself, is in properly identifying a stand or component so that it may be restored and used appropriately. I have on occasion made use of them in that capacity while assisting others in identifying just what they have, or what they may be considering for purchase. At the very least they are an aid in determining the completeness of an apparatus or compatibility of a component. I won’t pretend to know how they are used by the many people who download them, I’m simply happy to share with anyone who may need them all the free Bausch & Lomb puff manuals and guides which I have been fortunate enough to have at my disposal.

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