As I’m sure someone (apart from myself) has noticed posts have been becoming increasingly wide-spaced. In no small part this has been due to the continuing demands upon my time made by life. Unwilling to part with time spent at the lens I apologies that sharing this enjoyment has been the aspect to suffer. An inexpensive recent acquisition may help in correcting the issue, and it is the device used to compose this post.

The new tool is a strange thing, the Alphasmart Neo2. Little more than a keyboard with monochrome liquid crystal display it has the valuable feature of a year long battery life (honestly 700 hours is the claim) and instant on/off with no need for tedious file-management. It’s felt that this will enable the composition of posts without the need for booting up or toting around the laptop. If need be I can even transfer the text directly to the WordPress application on my cellular telephone. Tragically, editing is an impossible task for this device but composition is a breeze and exceedingly convenient. In future, if the device proves an asset, posts may be less orderly but no less verbose-I’ve chosen to embrace my tendency to wordiness.

On a final note, to the woman who attempted to contact me with a question concerning the sort of microscope used in the 40’s; the email address you provided was not apparently accurately typed and my response was bounced back. If you are still at a loss you know how to reach me.


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